Recipe type: main dish

Prep time: 30 min

Total time: 40 min

Serves: 4-6

These simple and delicious roll-ups are full of nutritional foods like: carrots, red cabbage, peanuts and greens.

The red cabbage is a powerhouse of a vegetable; it contains a high level of anti-oxidants, our cancer fighting helpers. It is also high in Vitamin A, which is not only good for the skin, but also for your eyes.

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2 carrots, cut into matchsticks

2 cucumbers, cut into matchsticks

½ head of red cabbage, shredded

1 cup cooked rice or quinoa

½ cup peanuts

1 head lettuce leaves

peanut sauce

¾ cup peanut butter

¼ cup soy sauce

¼ cup rice vinegar

¼ cup water

2 tbsp agave nectar or honey

1 clove garlic


Chop and shred all veggies.

Arrange fillings on a flat lettuce leaf. Fold ends in and roll from front to back, trying to keep all ingredients inside.

Use Peanut Sauce as a dip or inside filling.


peanut sauce

Add all ingredients to a blender or food processor. Run until well combined. Use as a dip for your roll-ups.

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