about us

Goma Greens is all about bringing fresh seasonal veggies to your doorstep, while at the same time supporting the local communities that supply the products. We work with local farmers, which are selected and trusted, to provide fresh, seasonal and healthy products. We are committed to paying the farmers a fair price for their produce. In return, we trust that they deliver high quality products and are transparent and accountable for their farming methods. It is our ambition that Goma Greens will help drive a positive societal development in the local communities that supply the products. 10% of our earnings will be paid back to the local communities to projects that will inspire organic farming.

Goma Greens was established by Christina Freddie in 2016. Christina is from Denmark where she worked with Corporate Social Responsibility for a global healthcare company for more than 13 years. She lives in Shanghai with her husband and three children.

When I first moved to Shanghai, I started selling apples from the Shandong province together with a Chinese friend. The purpose was to help farmers selling their products outside their local community, while at the same time bringing fresh and healthy products to urban families. As many other parents, I am concerned about food safety and care about knowing where my food comes from and how it has been treated. I liked the idea of buying apples direct from the farms in Shandong, and the idea emerged to distribute weekly boxes with fresh, seasonal products to families in Shanghai.